Hey! I'm Jocelyn—


unfinished person, constantly in progress, often caught in spaces where I’m the wrong shape.

I got my start writing like I have most things in my life—not through the front door, back door, or even the window, but through the side door I didn’t know existed: Seeking scholarship sponsors for street children. Documenting business classes held in slums. Ghostwriting the stories of trafficking survivors.

While I gained plenty of experience in my early 20s, I didn’t have an education in writing, so I earned my MFA in Creative Nonfiction.

Today, I teach introductory and developmental reading and writing classes and college readiness courses, tackling the politics of language, confronting issues of college access, and exploring the impacts of gentrification with my students.

I’m also at work on my own writing projects—a memoir of unexpected freefall after my marriage and a collection of essays in which I desperately try to grow up before turning 30.